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Car and Truck Accidents on the Job

Car accidents occur on the job and you can get workers comp benefits regardless of your fault.

Vehicle crashes range from minor bumps to complete disasters, which places drivers at risk for just about any type of injury or fatality. We handle all your claims involving Truck or Car accidents.

vehicle accident injuries

Several factors come into play between the drivers involved and employer when it comes to car/trucking accident related injuries, such as:

  • Who owns the car?
  • Who’s responsible?
  • Were you on your way to or from work?
  • Who’s insurance company pays?

Some insurance companies often point the finger at each other and refuse to pay what is owed. Workers Compensation carriers should pay regardless of fault of the employee but may have lien to get paid back if the liability carrier pays a settlement or judgment. This lien can be negotiated or  eliminated in some circumstances. You need lawyer who can handle both claims to coordinate your benefits. We handle all aspects of your case and can negotiate all these claims.

Sometimes work related car accidents develop into complicated legal matters between employer and employee, especially in unique situations. Getting in an accident driving a company vehicle for out of town work purposes is a common disagreement for workers’ compensation cases. Employers often claim their workers were not actually working at the time. This often results in many employees not receiving the workers’ compensation benefits they deserve.

Claim Your Workers’ Compensation

Work-related vehicle accidents are difficult to get through when your employer is not taking your workers’ compensation claim seriously. Get your case moving forward and contact our lawyers at Prior, Criner & Edwards Attorneys. Whether you’re innocent or at fault for the accident, our lawyers are here to help. You focus on getting better and we’ll fight for your compensation rights.