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Shoulder Injuries

The majority of lifting, reaching, hammering, cutting, etc. involves the shoulder. Therefore, shoulder injuries are relatively common among workplace injuries.

The shoulder is the most flexible and mobile joint in the body, which makes it extremely prone to injury. Shoulder injuries can be immensely painful and while some of these injuries can heal in short amounts of time, others lead to permanent damage that might require surgery for repair.

shoulder workplace injuries

Common Shoulder Injuries

There are two common injuries associated with the shoulder:

Torn Rotator Cuff. A shoulder’s rotator cuff connects the bone in the upper part of the arm to the shoulder blade. When injured, employees generally feel pain at the top and front of the shoulder or on the outer side of the upper arm. This is especially true when lifting or raising the arms overhead. Injured workers with a torn rotator cuff may feel worse pain at night, which often effects sleeping behavior.

Dislocation. Dislocation occurs when the bone in the upper arm slips out of the shoulder socket. Not only does it cause pain, but it can also develop into immobilization. If immobilized, changes in the shoulder can occur, such as internal scar tissue between the bones of the shoulder joint. This can greatly limit movement and prevent the body from receiving normal fluids throughout the area.

Due to the careers that force employees to frequently work with their arms overhead, the industries at most risk for shoulder injuries are:

Claiming a shoulder injury, unfortunately, can sometimes be a tricky case because sometimes employers fight back and deny the injury was actually the result of an accident, and not from something outside of work. That’s why it’s important to consult and work with a workers’ compensation lawyer to get the benefits you deserve. Contact our attorneys today so we can get started on your case.