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Loss of Vision

According to the Centers of Disease Control, more than 800,000 Americans find themselves facing an eye injury at the work place.

Construction, manufacturing and machinery are just a few examples of industries that have the highest reported rates of eye injuries. Unfortunately, in many instances damage to the eyes are the hardest to repair. Therefore, victims are usually left with a permanent impairment or complete loss of sight.

loss of vision workplace injuries

Common Workplace Eye Injuries

Tools and devices. From nail guns and wires to various cutting instruments, there are many hazardous tools used in certain industries that have the potential to hit the eye and cause damage to the cornea.

Chemicals. Similar to tools, hazardous chemicals are often used in a number of industries. Employees working with chemicals are at risk of chemicals splashing into the eyes, which causes irritation, burns and blindness.

Projected fragments. Tiny particles like glass shards, splintered wood and metal flakes can get into the eye and cause irritation and scratched corneas.

Blunt trauma. Falling onto hard surfaces and automobile accidents are just a couple of examples of ways employees can traumatize their eyes.

Over exposure to Ultraviolet rays. Bight lights including lasers, lamps and sunlight are often brighter than necessary for accurate vision. And when exposure is consistent, eyes strain and cause potential headaches, migraines, sickness and fatigue.

Long term computer usage. Sitting at a desk and starting at a computer screen every day for hours at a time puts pressure on the eyes. This can cause nausea, headaches and dizziness.

Employers are legally responsible for providing protective eye gear to workers who are exposed to hazardous materials. Failure to comply with regulations will result in fines and penalties to the company.

Symptoms of Eye Injuries

  • Worker has trouble seeing/ is in pain
  • Eyelid is cut or torn
  • One eye has trouble moving compared to other
  • Blood is seen in the eye
  • Something is in the eye that can’t be easily removed

If you suffer an eye injury at work, seek medical attention immediately and file for workers’ compensation. If you need help working through the claim process, our attorneys are here to help.