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Loss of Hearing

Hearing loss can be the result of a single incident or can develop over time due to constantly loud surroundings in the workplace or inadequate safety gear.

About 22 million U.S workers find themselves facing a workplace hearing injury from hazardous noise according to the Centers of Disease Control. And thousands of workers suffer from noise-related hearing loss every year due to high noise levels. Unfortunately, 125,000 workers have suffered permanent hearing loss since 2004.

hearing loss workplace injuries

Long periods of exposure to high levels of noise causes lasting hearing loss, which in many cases cannot be fixed with surgery or hearing aids. In these situations, it’s critical to seek the aid of a workers’ compensation lawyer to get the benefits you’re owed.

Common Workplace Hearing Injuries

In addition to permanent hearing loss, loud noise creates physical and psychological stress, reduces productivity and affects concentration. Workers may also find it hard to hear warning signals when emergencies occur. The longer employees are exposed to high levels of noise, the more their abilities to hear high frequency sounds, understand conversations and communicate effectively are limited. The most common industries that experience hearing loss include:

Symptoms of Hearing Injuries

  • Ringing or humming in ears after leaving the workplace
  • Temporary hearing loss after leaving the workplace
  • Needing to shout in order for nearby coworkers to hear

If high noise exposure for long periods of time is prevalent in a work setting, it’s important for companies to implement a hearing conservation program. This equips workers with the knowledge of hearing loss prevention and provides them with necessary hearing protection devices to keep them safe.

Workers suffering from hearing loss may receive workers’ compensation for past and anticipated future medical expenses and lost wages. Future treatment costs will be determined by the employee’s physician recommendation.

Permanent hearing loss is a serious condition that must be reported to your employer immediately. File your claim and contact our lawyers at Prior, Criner & Edwards Attorneys so we can get the legal process started. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure you receive full compensation for your injury.