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Painting Workplace Injuries

As a construction-related career, employees in the painting industry are very susceptible to many types of work-related injuries.

Painting may not appear as dangerous as other careers like roofing or steelworkers, but the industry injury rates are high due to the physical motions of the job and the environment.

professional painting workplace injuries

Common Painting Workplace Accidents

Slips and falls. Employees are at risk of falling from ladders and stairways, especially when slippery from drops of paint. They also have to be aware of the kind of ladders they’re using for various height levels. Finally, employees can lose balance from climbing, especially if they’re carrying paint cans and other equipment.

Lifting. Muscle strain in the neck, back, arms, and shoulders are common for continuous lifting. The shoulder muscles are used by employees, which can often cause overuse and injury to the rotator cuff area.

Repetitive use. The repetitive nature of work associated with painting causes employees to develop repetitive use injuries in their joints.

Chemical exposure. Contact with paint fumes, glue, and other adhesives can lead to serious illness when painting spaces aren’t ventilated properly. Daily exposure over long periods of time can affect the lungs, eyes, and nose.

Common Painting Workplace Injuries

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