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Mining Workplace Injuries

The mining industry is most active in the mountainous regions of the eastern and western United States, including North Carolina and South Carolina.

Mining is an overlooked occupation that’s actually very dangerous and can produce hefty financial bills if a workplace should occur. Typically, large mining companies have a certified physician on site to treat injuries. Smaller operations, however, may not have medical treatment readily available. No matter the case, employees should always seek treatment immediately after an accident occurs.

mining workplace injuries

One of the most severe, work-related long-term diseases miners face, specifically in the coal mining industry, is Pneumoconiosis (black lung disease). This illness can develop when workers are regularly exposed to coal mine dust. The U.S. Department of Labor understands the severity of this issue, and created the Division of Coal Mine Workers’ Compensation. The program’s mission is to provide monthly payments and medical benefits to workers completely disabled due to this disease. To qualify, you must be a present or previous coal miner who has developed black lung disease, or the widow/widower of a deceased worker.

Common Mining Workplace Accidents

Cuts. Gashes and punctures can occur when working with and around mining machinery and tools.

Fires and explosions. Mine explosions can happen, and it’s important for every mining site to have proper evacuation and safety programs in place.

Chemical exposure. When protective gear isn’t used, the risk of lung-related diseases, such as lung cancer, Pneumoconiosis and Silicosis, increases.

Lifts. Mining employees are continuously lifting heavy loads of natural resources from the earth and moving them to other locations on the site.

Overexertion. Workers at mining sites are at high risk for placing physical stress on their bodies and developing musculoskeletal disorders.

Common Mining Workplace Injuries

Our layers at Prior, Criner & Edwards Attorneys have worked with many workers’ compensation cases involving mining-related injuries. If you need help through the claim process, or having trouble receiving benefits for your accident, we’re here to assist.