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Manufacturing Workplace Injuries

Manufacturing careers, including machine operators, factory workers, warehouse employers and meat/food packing workers are just a few professions that are at high risk of workplace injuries.

Even the most sophisticated manufacturing businesses that have proper safety training in place aren’t immune to workplace accidents.

manufacturing workplace injuries

Common Manufacturing Workplace Accidents

Falls. Slipping and falling, especially from large heights, is a very dangerous hazard manufacturing employees face every day.

Cuts. Violent gashes and punctures can happen while working with and around dangerous machinery and tools.

Lifts. Manufacturing workers generally work with heavy equipment that places strain on muscles over time.

Overexertion. Many jobs in the manufacturing industry can be physically demanding, which places workers’ bodies at risk for musculoskeletal conditions.

Strains and sprains. Workers bending, twisting and reaching causes injuries to occur in the industry all the time

Chemical exposure. There’s a possibility that manufacturing workers may inhale or come in contact with hazardous chemicals.

Fires and explosions. Jobs within the industry use flammable materials, which can become deadly when they spread within a building.

Common Manufacturing Workplace Injuries

Workplace accidents in the manufacturing industry are very serious and need to addressed immediately. Seek medical attention right away if you’ve been hurt and file your claim as soon as possible. If you need help going through the process, contact our lawyers at Prior, Criner & Edwards Attorneys.