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Government Workplace Injuries

Government careers, including firefighters and police officers, are some of the toughest and most stressful jobs to do on a daily basis.

Employees in this field spend each day keeping people safe, patrolling our streets and neighborhoods and preventing crime. They are extremely important to society, especially because they put their lives at risk every day. When working in the police force or in the fire sector, high-level injuries are always a risk.

government security sector workplace injuries

Common Government Workplace Accidents

Stress. Police officers and fire fighters place physical stress on their bodies. They also develop mental stress, including post-traumatic stress disorders from witnessing tragic accidents.

Overexertion. Saving lives and preventing crime can lead to sprains and strains from physical activity like running, climbing, helping victims and falling from slipping.

Assaults. The police force commonly comes face-to-face with assaults while catching criminals. Unfortunately, physical attacks can also result in fatal or lifetime injuries.

Car accidents. Workers are commonly involved in car accidents when driving a vehicle or being struck by a car on foot. They often result from car chases, but sometimes also from confused, uninvolved drivers caught in the middle of an emergency.

Exposure to toxins and radiation. Serious health problems, including types of cancer, can develop over time from being exposed to harsh chemicals and toxins.

Common Government Workplace Injuries

Injuries and illnesses caused by government-related careers include:

Although security personnel workers understand how high-risk their careers are, it’s impossible to prepare for what could happen while on the job. Injuries for their line of work often result in high medical costs and not being able to return to work.

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