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Corporate Workplace Injuries

Working in the corporate environment might be much safer than other industries, but workplace accidents still happen.

Corporate jobs include the standard office setting, which usually means sitting at a desk. Prior, Criner & Edwards Attorneys represent workers in this field, as well as employees working for the state or city, such as at universities/schools, airports, libraries and volunteering.

corporate workplace injuries

Common Corporate Workplace Accidents

Corporate field occupations place workers at risk for several potential injuries, including:

Falls. Not only is falling the most common office accident, but office workers are more likely to fall than non-office employees. Falls can result from tripping over desk drawers, electrical cords, loose carpeting and objects in the hallways. Slipping on wet floors, using a chair instead of a ladder or reaching for something in an unstable seat can also cause falls.

Lifting. Corporate workers may not be lifting extremely heavy items, but even small loads like work files, stacks of computer paper or computer hardware can lead to accidents if not handled properly. Lifting anything that’s too heavy causes strain to the back, neck and shoulders.

Workstation Ergonomics. Musculoskeletal problems in the neck, shoulders and back, poor posture, carpal tunnel syndrome and eyestrain are all possible injuries employees are at risk for from sitting at their desk for hours at a time every day. Not getting up frequently to stretch or walk creates strain on the muscles and increases the chances for repetitive movement injuries.

Corporate setting careers may not involve fatal injuries from climbing on top of buildings or working with dangerous machinery, but they are guilty of long-term damages to the body, especially from sitting. If you’ve been injured in a corporate workplace setting, don’t hesitate to file your workers’ compensation claim and get medical treatment.

Fighting for your workers’ compensation rights is not always an easy process. If you need help, contact our lawyers at Prior, Criner & Edwards Attorneys. Our lawyers have over sixty years of experience fighting for what our clients deserve.