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Construction Workplace Injuries

The construction industry, including electricians, carpenters and more, are high-risk jobs that come face-to-face with work injuries every day.

It doesn’t matter how well prepared or experienced an employee is, accidents happen. Construction employees work in very dangerous work environments that cause all types of injuries, illnesses and more.

construction workplace injuries

Common Construction Workplace Accidents

Falls from heights. This commonly happened when working on scaffolds, ladders and roofs.

Falling materials. Tools, beams and other building materials are just a few examples of items with the potential to fall and cause injury when working on projects with multiple levels.

Machinery accidents. From cranes and bulldozers to nail guns and jackhammers, the construction industry uses a lot of machinery for jobs. It’s a very dangerous situation when machines malfunction while working.

Electrocutions. Workers are often exposed to power lines, wiring and unfinished electrical systems. Coming into contact with any of these is immediate danger.

Overexertion. The construction industry involves long hours of hard labor, not to mention enduring all form of weather conditions. This causes heavy fatigue and illness for workers.

Injuries from construction accidents can change a workers’ entire life depending on the severity. They can lead to high medical costs and loss of income if an employee is unable to return to work. If you’ve been injured on the job, file your injury claim and seek compensation from your employer.

Prior, Criner & Edwards Attorneys have worked with many workers’ compensation cases involving construction-related injuries. If you need help claiming your benefits, our lawyers are here to help.