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Trucking Company Negligence

Personal Injury from Commercial Truck Company Negligence

Accidents concerning large commercial trucks are a very serious matter because of the size of vehicle involved.

Whether a commercial truck strikes a passenger vehicle or motorcycle, the resulting injuries in these types of crashes are often severe, if not fatal. When seeking compensation, it’s important to investigate whether or not the trucking company was negligent.

Commercial truck company negligence

All trucking businesses are responsible for ensuring their trucks are maintained and cared for properly. Commercial trucks are subjected to extensive use and usually have demanding delivery schedules, which means regular, detailed maintenance is mandatory to uphold vehicle and driver safety standards. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) generally outlines inspections, maintenance, and repair duties for trucking companies, and if their regulations are not followed, then trucking companies are held fully liable in truck accident personal injury lawsuits.

In addition to maintenance, it’s a trucking company’s duty to hire qualified, trained and safe drivers. Not only do potential drivers have valid commercial driver’s licenses, but FMCSA also requires them to undergo extensive investigations, including looking into performance history, safety records, drug and alcohol tests, and any necessary interviews. When drivers are hired, trucking companies are also responsible for ensuring drivers continue to be safe on the road. This mean providing ongoing safety training like driver safety courses and special certifications. If any trucking company fails to train its drivers properly about new equipment, trucks or laws, once again they’re held liable for any injuries resulting from commercial truck accidents.

If you’ve been involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle, we recommend working with a vehicle accident attorney in order to get compensation for your injuries.