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Tractor Trailer Accidents

Personal Injury Sustained in Commercial Truck Accidents

Injuries from accidents involving tractor trailers (semi-trucks) are unique cases. Because there is so much gray area, you never know what the outcome will be in court or during a settlement.

Due to the difference in potential accident consequences between two cars versus a commercial truck and a car, truck operators are required to follow many federal and state regulations. One of the most crucial regulations is for tractor trailer operators to carry higher limits on their insurance. They must also follow rules involving how much weight a rig can haul, how long a driver can go without rest, and consistent quality control and repairs to the commercial truck.

When an accident occurs between a tractor trailer and a car, and the car operator is not at fault, chances are that the truck operator/owner violated a state regulation. It’s important to have that proof, especially for settlement purposes because it increases the chances of winning for the injured car driver.

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Multiple At Fault Individuals

Sometimes there are cases involving multiple people at fault for a car driver’s injuries. Depending on the circumstances, these individuals may all be equally responsible for paying the injured victim’s damages, or they may only be responsible for the damages they personally caused. For example, a commercial truck operator may share partial responsibility of an accident due to faulty tires. The injured car driver would accuse the truck operator for the accident, but could also accuse the truck’s manufacturer for the bad tires. And how much the truck operator truly is at fault isn’t clear, the manufacturer could be required to pay more than half the damages. Cases like this example are sometimes harder to resolve in informal settlements due to unclear facts between the individuals at fault. It may be obvious that the car operator was not at fault at all for the accident, but if the semi-truck operator/owners cannot agree on who is at fault for what, then a formal trail is a better next step.

Keep in mind that when an accident involves a semi-truck, it doesn’t automatically mean that one party was at fault over the other. Accidents between commercial trucks and cars can be very complex and it’s important to have a knowledgeable vehicle accident attorney by your side when it comes to ultimately settling or going to court.