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Highway Accidents

Highway Accidents from Vehicle Collisions

Highway accidents are a common occurrence because vehicles are traveling at higher speeds than in local and suburban areas.

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Unfortunately, those accidents often result in very severe injuries or even death because semi-tractors, commercial vehicles, motorcyclists, and cars all share the same congested highways. The most common cause for highway accidents is negligence, which can be from other drivers,poorly maintained highways, and lack of warning information/signs.

Driver Negligence

We all try to be safe, responsible drivers, but sadly there are motorists out there that continue to ignore the rules of the road and drive carelessly. Therefore, their actions can lead to injuries,deaths, and sometimes property destruction. Here are a few general ways accidents can occur from driver negligence:

  • Not using a turn signal or hand signal (if light is broken).
  • Distractions (paying attention to other tasks instead of driving such as changing the radio, texting, interacting with other passengers, eating, and drinking).
  • Fatigue (not providing full attention due to tiredness).
  • Impairment (driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs).

At Prior, Criner & Edwards, our vehicle accident attorneys understand how a highway collision can wreck the lives and futures of innocent drivers and passengers. If you or a loved one have been injured in a highway accident, let us help you gain the compensation you rightfully deserve.