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Bicycle Accidents

Personal Injury from Vehicle-Bicycle Accidents

Vehicle-bicycle collision accidents can turn into serious or sometimes fatal consequences.

When it comes to recovering damages from bicycle accident injuries, lawsuits involve many of the same determinations as any automobile versus automobile incidents. Most commonly, it comes down to negligence. Was it the automobile driver’s carelessness that caused the cyclist’s injuries or did the cyclist cause or contribute to the accident?

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Bicycle Accident Liability

Rules of the road are meant to be followed by both drivers and cyclists, including traffic laws and the duty to exercise care in regard to one’s personal safety and to others. When determining negligence, courts look at the following situations from each rider’s perspective:

  • Driver negligence: Did the driver speed, run a stop sign, or drift into the bike lane? Was the driver aware of nearby cyclists or did he/she disregard their safety?
  • Cyclist negligence: Did the cyclist ride the wrong way on a one-way street, run a stop sign, or turn abruptly into traffic? Did the cyclist show negligence that at least in part caused the accident?

Bicycle Accidents with Children

Unfortunately, children are frequently involved when it comes to bicycle accidents with automobiles. When drivers see children on bicycles, especially young children, it’s their obligation to be as careful as they can. Younger children in particular can typically be expected to pay less attention to the rules of the road and their surroundings. For example, drivers should understand and keep watch for young children suddenly crossing the street on their bikes or getting scared if an automobile approaches them too quickly. Keep in mind that this doesn’t automatically mean that any driver involved in an accident with a child on a bike is presumed negligent. There are situations where a driver showed all the precaution he/she could and still could not avoid the accident.

Accidents between vehicles and bicycles can result in severe injuries and large liabilities so it’s critical to work with an experienced vehicle accident attorney that will help you navigate through the liability process.