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Understanding Workers’ Compensation Medical Treatment

September 5, 2016

If you’ve been injured on the job, there are a few important steps to take, including seeking immediate medical treatment. It is your employer’s or their workers’ compensation insurance company’s responsibility to provide medical treatment when accidents occur. At The Workers’ Compensation Law Firm, we’re often asked by clients what medical treatment they’re entitled to and for how long. Here are a few things you can expect on your road to recovery.

What type of medical treatment can I expect?

Depending on the accident, workers can expect treatment that relieves pain, cures their injury, and allows them to return to work. Medical services range from medication and testing to surgery and rehabilitation. If an injury is severe enough, such as suffering from physical limitations, treatment might include modifications within the home to accommodate an adjustable bed during the recovery process.

What doctor will treat my injury?

Generally, the employer chooses an approved physician to diagnose the proper treatment. Employees have the right to request another doctor if they believe another professional can cure the injury, reduce the pain, or help them get back to work faster. Injured workers also have permission to get a second opinion from a non-treating physician.

What is a medical restriction?

During diagnosis, the physician rates and assigns an employee’s level of temporary and permanent disability. The decision determines if an employee can return to work and if job requirements need to change to accommodate the worker’s disability. This also decides if any disability benefits are included on top of medical treatment payments. Employees are allowed to get a second opinion about their level of disability if they believe the rating is unacceptable.

What if my company refuses to pay for my medical treatment?

If a company refuses to acknowledge a workers’ compensation claim, which denies paid medical treatment, the North Carolina Industrial Commission should be notified immediately and the employee should consider hiring an attorney, such as The Workers’ Compensation Law Firm.

Workplace injuries are a serious matter that should not be ignored by you or your employer. It is your right to seek medical treatment and receive the best benefits that allow you to make a stress-free recovery. Our lawyers are here to help you understand what to expect as you make your way through the treatment process. Don’t go through this alone. Contact our firm for any questions or concerns you have about your case.