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The Most Dangerous Jobs in America

November 21, 2015

There’s no question that some careers are riskier than others, but what are considered the most dangerous jobs in the United States? You may be surprised by some of the answers.

Factory Workers

Factory employees work with large machinery in a hazardous environment on a daily basis. Their jobs range from packaging food and making vehicles to pressing metal and forging steels. Although individuals in a factory perform different tasks, the risks of injury are similar. Exposure to chemicals, fires, overexertion and repetitive motion are just a few examples of accidents that commonly occur on the job.


Operating a vehicle, regardless of the job, is dangerous. Thousands of workers suffer injuries and fatalities each year, especially in the trucking industry. Types of risks individuals in this career include musculoskeletal disorders in the neck and back from lifting, falls from higher vehicle elevations and injuries from being struck from another vehicle or loosing control.


It’s no surprise this job made it to the list. Police officers and firefighters spend their days keeping people safe and preventing crime. It’s an extremely important role, but these employees also put themselves in an unsafe environment. Some of the most common hazards police officers and firefighters face are assaults from physical attacks, overexertion, car accidents and stress. Careers in these fields take a tool on mental health issues, especially after being exposed to traumatic events.


Roofing-related jobs in the construction industry are a risky career choice, even if your balance is well above average. Injuries are extremely common in this field due to the use of ladders, which leads to falling off them or from the roof. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 150,000 Americans require emergency medical treatment for roofing-related injuries each year. This includes broken bones, cuts, sprains and injuries to the back and upper torso.


Operating heavy-duty vehicles, machinery and handling cattle is dangerous in this type of industry. Farmers work with fast-moving equipment daily, which results in accidents if they don’t provide their full attention. They also face the risk of drivers speeding down their rural roads, especially when they’re operating slow-moving farm vehicles.


Loggers work in an unpredictable environment – dealing with heavy-duty equipment, regardless of the weather condition. Although there have been great advances in technology to keep workers safe, accidents happen. The most common injuries loggers face are impacts from fallen trees and misuse of machines such as chainsaws.


Healthcare workers are dedicated to helping people, whether that’s through private and public hospitals, home-care situations or medical clinics. It’s the fastest growing field in the country, but with it comes dangerous risks the staff is put in front of every day. Not only is the job physically demanding, but healthcare professionals are often injured from a variety of circumstances such as patient violence, slips and falls, patient handling and equipment usage such as needles. This career choice also includes overexertion and stress from long working hours.


Some may be surprised that fishing is an unsafe job, but this career choice is one of the most dangerous in the country. 545 fatalities were recorded in the United States in the past decade. The hours are long and the weather is unstable.  Working through tropical storms, fog and ice often results in accidents on board.  Fisherman must be on constant alert about their surroundings or they may find themselves being swept overboard, slipping or facing injuries from equipment, machinery, nets and the catch itself.

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