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Head & Brain Injuries

Head and Brain Personal Injuries

Head and brain personal injuries are common among traffic accidents involving motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians where negligence or misconduct has occurred.

Injuries to the head or brain can be internal or external, ranging from minor concussions to permanent impairments. And sometimes symptoms and the effects of an injury can take hours or days to develop. For that reason, it’s important that anyone who sustains a head injury seeks medical attention immediately and is supervised for several days afterward in case symptoms begin to manifest belatedly.

Head and brain personal injuries

What is Considered a Head or Brain Injury?

Head injuries involve damage to the scalp, skull, or the brain. Even in situations where the skull isn’t fractured, the brain can still be injured from forces involved with the accident’s initial impact. This can cause bleeding in the brain and surrounding tissues that may result in hemorrhages or swelling and pressure within the skull.

Consequences of Head and Brain Injuries

Because of the potentially harmful impacts of head injuries, victims may suffer from devastating, long-term consequences. From physical and emotional, to behavioral and cognitive complications, it varies by case whether or not an injured person may fully recover from these problems. Concussions are the most common result from head and brain injuries, both mild and severe; symptoms include nausea, dizziness, blurred vision, headaches, loss of balance/coordination, fatigue, and confusion. In cases of more severe head injuries, victims may experience short-term or long-term memory problems, trouble with concentration, weak muscles, speech difficulties, loss of motor skills, and personality changes. The worst cases involve injured persons never recovering consciousness, or becoming completely dependent on others for personal needs.

If someone is suffering from a head or brain injury, he or she needs immediate and intensive medical care to help prevent further damage from the initial accident trauma. After that, it may take months or years of rehabilitative treatment with a team of physical therapists and psychologists to fully restore physical and mental functions.

Due to potential harmful implications, victims and their families must decide how they’ll handle long-term medical care and costs, loss of earnings if the injured person cannot go back to work, and overall pain and suffering management. At Prior, Criner & Edwards Attorneys, our purpose is to help you earn the benefits you and your family deserve by filing a personal injury claim. When claims aren’t settled to fully compensate for an injury, our personal injury lawyers will fight on your behalf to get what you deserve.