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Is My Injury Covered Under North Carolina’s Workers’ Compensation Act?

January 22, 2016

At The Workers’ Compensation Law Firm, the question of whether workplace injuries are covered under NC law  is one of the most common concerns our clients have, and for good reason. Not all accidents that happen at work can be covered. In summary, workers’ compensation in North Carolina generally covers employees injured as a result from a job accident under an employer covered by the NC Workers’ Compensation Act. Unfortunately, many employees find themselves led into traps where they don’t receive the benefits and help they deserve due to untrustworthy insurance adjusters and investigators. If you’ve been injured at work and are looking for the next steps to take, contact our attorneys at The Workers’ Compensation Law Firm. Our team will help you build your case and recover compensation you deserve.

NC Workers’ Comp Rules

Receiving compensation for your injuries follows one rule: they must be by accident. North Carolina Industrial Commission (NCIC) faces false cases frequently and will not rule in an employee’s favor without identifiable cause of injury. Simply, workers must have proof that they were going about their daily work routine when the injury occurs. Being at fault for the accident is not as uncommon as you think – our attorneys work with these types of cases all the time.  Injured North Carolina employees that are at fault for their own accident can still receive workers’ compensation coverage, as long as there’s no indication that they purposely inflicted bodily harm to themselves on purpose. They must also prove that there was no use of alcohol or drugs when the accident occurred.

At-Fault 3rd Party Injuries

Accidents that occur while working, but not caused by the employer, is another position employees find themselves in regularly. These types of accidents typically involve vehicle accidents, slipping, falling and using defective products. In addition to workers’ compensation coverage, employees are urged to make claims in civil court against the at-fault third party.

Remember, any type of workplace injury no matter how minor, is eligible to fight for workers’ compensation benefits. Getting the best medical benefits and financial security can only happen if you file a claim. Many times employees are unsure about how to handle their situation, and they end up doing nothing as a result. If you’ve been injured on the job and don’t know what to do next, we recommend these five steps to take to get the injury claim process started. You don’t have to go through this situation alone.  The Workers’ Compensation Law Firm is ready to help you pursue your benefits. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.