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How to Help Your Business Reduce Workplace Injuries this Summer

June 11, 2018

Starting now through September, work-related injuries are at an all-time high, resulting in increased workers’ compensation claims for businesses across the country. Employees might find themselves in situations where they’re slipping, tripping and falling unexpectedly, which causes common strains and injuries in the neck and back, as well as potential broken bones. To keep on-the-job injuries to a minimum, here are a couple of risk management tips your employer should implement now.

Carefully Consider Hiring the Right Employees

Summer is a very high traffic time for hiring new full and part-time workers. During the hiring process, it’s important for business owners to recruit people with the right attitude, especially when it comes to safety issues. Because employees in their first year on the job have a much higher risk of sustaining an injury than those with more experience, employers should make workplace safety part of the hiring process. A business that takes work safety seriously creates a healthier, safer environment.

Maintain a Strong Orientation and Training Process

It’s critical for businesses to train employees equally in all safety practices, regardless of a worker’s previous background or experience. Training should include fully understanding emergency procedures, reviewing safe work practices (including handling protective equipment), and knowing what the employee protocol is should an accident occur.

Enforce Active Supervision During Working Hours at All Times

One of the best ways to keep employees safe and workers’ compensation claims minimal is with constant supervision. Always reiterate that safety practices and procedures are in place for a reason – to protect employees! And if workers believe processes should be handled differently, let them speak up. Listening to and implementing feedback to improve efficiency will only make a business stronger.

Have a Strong Accident Response Procedure in Place

Accidents happen. So in the event that someone gets injured on the job, it’s essential that business owners have a plan in place that employees trust and use fully. This means making sure employees immediately get the necessary care and attention they need from a qualified physician. Getting on the road to recovery is top priority, as well as minimizing any impacts an injury has on a worker’s family and work life. If you’ve recently been injured and are not sure what to do, here are five quick steps to take.

Workplace safety is a critical responsibility that business owners must commit to for their workers. With proper risk management and workers’ compensation plans in place, businesses can ensure that injured employees get the proper medical attention and are able to get back to work after an appropriate recovery time. If you’ve been injured on the job and feel that your business hasn’t handled your workers’ compensation case properly, contact our lawyers at Prior, Criner & Edwards Attorneys for a free consultation.