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My Work Won’t Pay for My Injury. Now What?

June 28, 2016

Accidents happen. That’s why most states, North Carolina included, require employers to purchase insurance for their employees from a workers’ compensation insurance carrier. If a worker is injured on the job, it’s his or her responsibility to report the accident to the employer and file a workers’ compensation claim with the insurance company.

Unfortunately, employees sometimes find themselves going head-to-head against their company because their employer refuses to pay for their injury. If you’re facing a similar situation, now is the time to get in touch with an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer, such as those who work at The Workers’ Compensation Law Firm. Below are three common reasons why claims are denied and what you can do to avoid any obstacles.

Why is My Workers’ Comp Claim Being Denied?

Failure to notify the employer of the injury. North Carolina workers’ comp claims must be reported orally or in writing to the employer within 30 days. If you’re still within the allotted time frame, or have evidence of the report you gave to your employer, they cannot deny you claim.

Injury is pre-existing. Employers can deny your claim if your injury is from a previous accident outside of work, or if they believe the injury is fake. In this case, it is your obligation to provide validity of your injury.

Injuries are not serious enough. Sometimes an injury is not considered serious enough for an employer to accept a claim. These cases involve employees that experience temporary pain, but can perform their job duties normally. If you believe your injury is serious, written documentation for a doctor is crucial.

Appealing a Denied Workers’ Comp Claim

Receiving a denial letter from your employer is frustrating. Remember, you don’t have to let your case end there. You have a right to dispute it and our attorneys are here to help you through the process.

What if My Employer Doesn’t have Worker’s Compensation Coverage?

If your employer fails to provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage, the North Carolina Industrial Commission can and will administer penalties, including fines and criminal charges. Employers continue to be liable for medical and wage benefits related to an employees’ workplace injuries.

Workplace injuries should never be overlooked, no matter how minor they might seem. If you’ve been severely hurt and not getting the help you deserve from your employer, we want to help. Contact the lawyers at The Workers’ Compensation Law Firm so we can help build your case and recover your rightful compensation.